Theka Tapas Bar

Culturally alcohol has always been a restricted area for India, a lot may think and believe otherwise, many may agree. As early as 1949, Mumbai formally known as Bombay was in a state of prohibition, a personal permit was required by law for purchase and storage of liquor. Till date the same rule applies to the state of Gujarat where liquor is to be only held with licensed individuals. On the other hand India has union territories like Daman and Diu and states like Goa which have no duty on alcohol making them Indias party states.


The Great Indian Permit Room

Since the beginning of new India set apart from a family room, there is a special place which has come to be known unofficially as a Permit Room.The Theka is our attempt at re-creating the Great Indian Permit room and we would be honoured to share the Theka experience post your meal. A menu inspired by unique Indian flavours and ingredients, our cocktails are as unique as our food offering and we are sure to tantalise your tastebuds like never before.