About Us
Impressions from
India’s historical
culinary voyage

A menu influenced with strong impressions from India’s historical culinary voyage spanning from the Harrapans era, Mogul Saamraj to the Nizaam raaj, 2 Fat Indians at Northbridge urges to take you on a culinary journey spanning not only over time but also through the rural streets of India. From the gullies of Jama Mazjid in Delhi to the Khau Galis in Mumbai 2 Fat Indians is proud to present a menu selection like no other.


We promise you an euphoric tasteful experience

With extensive excavations into India’s rich culinary past, our Chefs are proud to present the exclusive Galouti kebabs, the British Raaj railway Mutton curry, the Mogul Khansamas Badaam Nalli Korma along with other extraordinary culinary geniuses and the local favourites. An impression of taste that would last like never before. We at 2 Fat Indians Northbridge are honoured to be serving you and promise you an euphoric tasteful experience.

We are open Monday to Sunday 6pm to 10pm


Theka Tapas Bar

Indian Tapas & Bar

The Theka is our attempt at re-creating the Great Indian Permit room and we would be honoured to share the Theka experience post your meal. A menu inspired by unique Indian flavours and ingredients, our cocktails are as unique as our food offering and we are sure to tantalise your tastebuds like never before.